Scratching Your Own Itch (Youtube Subscription Filter)

I'm subscribed to quite a lot of youtube channels. Content on them is ranging from programming to enduro bike riding, fun comedy shows, videos about science, music, sports and one of the sports channels I like is NBA. Altogether this is about 250 channels.

Not all of them post on a daily basis, but sometimes my subscription page is quite big. I noticed I was skipping certain videos without exception. I decided to make a quick Chrome extension that would filter out videos from certain channels I usually don't watch. Currently mostly NBA videos that don't include TOP in the title. I only like TOP 10 actions from the day, TOP 10 steals from the week, etc.

About an hour later I had a working Chrome extension filtering out those videos.

This is the project I started working on.

It's still rough around the edges, but I will keep improving it and make it available on the Chrome store in the near feature. I also started to like seeing green squares on my Github page.